PC Support
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If you live in the Western Isles we will repair your computer or network on site in your own office or home, we also have a fully equipped workshop to cope with demand so if it’s easier for you to take your pc into us we have engineers on hand to fix the problems. Certain problems cannot be fixed in customer’s premises for testing/anti static purposes. Call us and a member of staff can advise you of the best route.

Tech Mobile provides PC Support for businesses and the public to cover a range of problems, see the list of our repair services below. We stock four of the top five Internet Security packages. AVG, Bit Defender, Kaspersky & Nortons. We support any Microsoft operating system and any hardware configuration, now also supporting mac operating systems.

Installation of broadband routers and securing your wireless network or extending the wifi coverage throughout your house or beaming wifi to a seperate building. Planning on installing or expanding a networks. Tech Mobile have engineers to help you do just that. Be it a small home network via a wired or wireless router or a large scale business network via a network cabinet with network sockets at each work station.
Phone Unlocking
One of our mobile phone services includes the unlocking of mobiles so that they function on any network.  Unlocking your phone may void your warranty.

Repair Services
We also carry out repairs to faulty PCs and upgrades. With the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that plague many of us for various reasons, be it hardware faults, corrupts drives, faulty memory, software conflicts or viruses. Also all the following repairs on both laptops and desktops:

  • Virus / Spyware / Adware Detection & Removal
  • Laptop Screen Damage
  • Memory upgrade / installation
  • Hard drive/SSD  upgrade / installation
  • Hard drive cloning
  • CD or DVD drive not reading or writing to disc
  • Motherboard installation, repairs and upgrades
  • No display on monitor, no sound from speakers
  • Computer freezes
  • Slow computer
  • Computer not turning on, booting up
  • Computer shuts down or restarts
  • Password reset for CMOS BIOS or Windows user account.