Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

A new service introduced to Tech Mobile is Mobile Phone & Ipad/Tablet Repairs.

From Replacing a damaged screen or a dying battery which will be the most common repairs, we can also replace Charging Sockets, Speakers or Microphones to list a few of our repair services.

We have a stock of screens and batteries for all the Iphones from the Iphone 5 to the Iphone X Range, others will be ordered on requirement or as we see which phones are the most common ones that come in for repair. We will build up our stock of spares as we see which other brand of phones require repair.

This is to add to the mobile phone services we already offer:

  • Cut your Sim Card to fit a new phone & keep your number
  • Transferring all your data from your old to new device
  • Restore Iphones & IPads if it’s disabled after forgetting your password
  • Setting up email on your mobile device
  • Freeing up space on your device
  • Fixing operating system and app errors
  • Fitting Screen Protectors
  • Unlocking the phone to work on any network